Author Topic: Shock Experts - King shock questions on spring weights - rebuild - revalve  (Read 936 times)

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Ok my Hayabusa King Sand Car is just way too soft!
I'm bottoming out if I get the slightest amount of air and at the bottom transition of every hill. G out I think you guys call it

I ordered rebuild kits 8 and 15 shim stacks and a nitrogen filling setup. Time to get this thing dialed in.

My set up in the front was initially a.
12 stack on Rebound - 10 stack on compression
Front springs are 200 over 250 on King piggyback's
Car weighs 1600 - 1800 lbs with passengers

Called King and they said it seemed like the stacks were backwards and to change it to 10 stack rebound - 12 stack compression and adjust from there.

What is everyone else with King shocks running for valving, springs and nitrogen pressure.
Do the flutter stacks work best for the dunes?

I would love to be able to get this thing a few feet off the ground!!

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Every car is different. Every driver has different preferences. Getting a car to handle to your taste is a lot of work with lots of trial and error. If you are serious , buy a master shim kit and dive in! Keep records of what you do each time with notes so you can make intelligent changes.
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Oh I'm serious! This thing is the most fun I have ever had I just have to get a few kinks worked out and I'll be happy.

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Got the shocks rebuilt and revalved wasn't hard!
Went to a 15 stack with a flutter all around more bottoming out but the chop is too rough!

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out of the roughness from the ruts your feeling coming though the steering wheel or through the seat,
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