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The Pit Stop / Re: hello boys hows it all going over there ?
« Last post by fabr on May 24, 2020, 10:01:10 AM »
Good to hear from you baloo!  Lock down has actually increased my business quite a lot. With many getting more money than they had before the lockdown and being at home with not much to do  there is a lot of home projects getting done that would not normally get done. Therefore I have been happily selling lots of building supplies. Unfortunately,when everything gets back to normal I will likely feel the other side of that scenario and will be left twiddling my thumbs then.  How about you guys over there? Always interested in your projects also!
The Pit Stop / hello boys hows it all going over there ?
« Last post by Baloo on May 24, 2020, 01:27:14 AM »
hi   I haven't been in for a long while  but starting to get the urge to finish one of my project again  now, or maybe even start a new one  5:

so hows lockdown affecting you over there  ?
Pretty cool article!
I Figured Out What To Do With Ancient Classics When They Finish Going Out Of Style

The classic car market is just as confused as the rest of the economy right now as society weathers the coronavirus pandemic, but one thing’s constant: Fashion is cyclical, and while ’80s and ’90s hardware’s hot right now, older muscle cars are becoming less appealing. That has me thinking even older stuff must be…


Source: I Figured Out What To Do With Ancient Classics When They Finish Going Out Of Style


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Motor and Drivetrain / Re: Subaru clutch upgrade
« Last post by dsrace on May 21, 2020, 12:17:59 PM »
i would call kep for sure but to be honest...... if budlight is stage 2 on a 228mm flywheel then i would say a stage 2 would be fine for you. that is of course if you have the same size flywheel or larger. i believe the 228mm is called the 9". since you running a stcok flywheel dia and stock trans you get to choose from stock sizes. i am not sure but i bet they are 10" or 11" stock.
i hope it is as well.  i fully understand building to tight!  ;D
Motor and Drivetrain / Re: Subaru clutch upgrade
« Last post by budlight69 on May 21, 2020, 10:05:42 AM »
I am running a 228mm stage II pressure plate.  No issues with any slippage so far.  KEP (Kennedy Engineered Products) are usually very helpful in getting you the correct clutch.  In fact their web site says you will need to know HP, TQ and driving style when contacting them. 
Motor and Drivetrain / Subaru clutch upgrade
« Last post by BrianN on May 20, 2020, 09:06:29 PM »
I am planning on upgrading my clutch this year for some added torque. I am guessing 350 ft/lbs when I finally get it dialed in. I have a lightened flywheel and I think just a stage 1 clutch now. I would prefer to keep the flywheel since it is newer. I have been researching holding ability for different stages, but getting extremely different answers. And of course none of the charts consider sand. Anyone have suggestions on the best way to determine what I need? Stock 2.5 sohc Subaru w/ small turbo. 30" tall paddle tires.  And I  am definitely not a "stop at the bottom of a hill and dump the clutch" guy.
"AP" Member Project Logs / Fabr's Desert Car Fortin w/Torque Converter Experience
« Last post by fabr on May 20, 2020, 08:52:44 PM »
Skipping a couple steps in the journey,I'll jump to the initial sand outing. I have a Fortin 5 speed sequential driven via torque converter. I use a dry sump with 2 1/2 gallon capacity for the engine and the torque converter shares the engine oil in lieu of ATF. Yes,I run engine oil in the converter. One sump feeding a 2 pressure section dry sump pump with 4 suction stages.

Anyway................the 2 oil coolers were not doing the job so ,me being me,I opted to replace them with a big ass Setrab cooler with a 1950cfm Spal fan. I'll post a couple pics later. To get the thing in though I had to take 1/3 of the friggin car apart to get it in place since I thought I made this thing plenty big when I was building it but ,WOW, was I wrong about that. :m

I also transferred one of the original coolers to the gearbox/ring and pinion lube system to keep the gearbox/ring and pinion happier. All in all ,I hope my slight heat issue is behind me now.
I say buy some pontoons and make it amphibious. best of both worlds. Add a p.t.o to the buggie for a prop. fastest duck boot on the lake. 400 hp at the prop. lol. The new Awning is looking great. cant what to hang out on it with no bugs. keep the updates coming.

not a bad idea over all hmmmmm  ;D
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