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We owe it to him to keep the tradition going for as long as possible. We need to try and expand our group as well. I am starting to seek out some new people that I know of from around here. I hope they will join in.
so sadly that was his last group ride. we were all glad you jumped in with the yamaha.  the group trips just wont be the same.
i dont know about a remote but you can pair your smart phone and control it that way.  i am not sure about new updates but we will see. saw bad reviews on hero 8 and one was no replacement lens! need the lens and no case as that distorts the pic. they do not yet have them in stock but do offer the wider angle lens. so my wife caught a special they had so she got it bought for $299 with shipping. need to get there tri pod mount to bolt it to my roof. i will need to buy a few replacement lens as well. did you see the frame rate at 2.7k??!! amazing but the horizon lock was the feature i really liked.
The replaceable lens is a nice touch finally. No need for a separate case unless you are deep diving and need the extra 150 deep waterproof rating.

well i have a hero 9 coming.  i just couldn't help it. time to retire the hero 2's.
Did you buy from gopro to hopefully get one with the fixes already done? Have they come out with a remote control yet? For around 500 bux I'll wait for all the whistles and bells to be integrated. I do believe I'll buy one in a few months after they get all the upgrades done. The 2.7 /4/5K makes for some killer vid quality compared to 1080 and they seem to have gotten the fisheye out. I wonder about the extra wide angle of big lens that is an option having the fisheye though.
LOL!!!! You guys tried to kill one though! LOL!!!    Yes,it was a great run and one of the last for Glenn with the entire DTS group. Very glad I took the YXZ out for it.
that was a great run on that trip! also no sxsns were injured during the filming  LMAO  LMAO
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well i have a hero 9 coming.  i just couldn't help it. time to retire the hero 2's.
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