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Title: Yamaha YXZ
Post by: fabr on July 10, 2018, 08:18:42 PM
OK,so we bought 3 of these things.  5: :m   We've got some seat time now and I thought I'd post a couple random opinions/impressions of them bone stock. First off, Yamaha has "corrected" an issue for duners use with the 2019 models. That is transmission gearing if running paddles.  The 2016-18 are just too high and the aftermarket has that covered with various gear ratio options available.   For open ground/dirt roads/desert the things are just right with stock tire sizing, IMO. If upping tires to 30-31" then I'd opt for one of the aftermarket gear reduction options. Sort of like shock tuning,it's a drivers preference type of thing.

  Speaking of upping tire sizes ,many people do for all the right reasons such as handling rough terrain better and improving the ride BUT!,and IMO a BIG BUT,the stub axles and bearings and axles and cv's and blah blah blah are just not up to big tires and the rough usage we put our toys through. All UTV's suffer from these limitations but there are a LOT of 32" tires ran on them. So ,at least for now we are staying with stock tire sizes . We are looking for fun from these not working on them all the time.

The Fox piggyback shocks are pretty well matched to the YXZ and have both bump and rebound external adjustment ot the shim stacks can also be changed. The single,progressive rate spring is OK but dual springs would be much better and there again the aftermarket has that covered.

Rear sway bar is well up to the task and the tiny front bar is better by far than it appears it would be. You can throw these things around and have very,very little body roll.

Power is OK but we all always want more and Yamaha offers a turbo kit that does not void warranty that will bring the HP to somewhere around 155. Skies the limit in the aftermarket. IMO,unless you are wanting to upgrade the entire drive line and still have chronic repairs ,the 155 factory kit would be my limit of modding the power.

 All that said,these things are a blast. Need to get paddles on them. We ride the country roads here ,rally style.  That is truly fun. They handle really well with stock tires but would be better with a different tread pattern. Drifting the corners and running through the gears is just pure magic.  In all honesty that is much more fun than duning them. The 5 speed sequential shifts smooth as butter. Speed is limited to approx 80 but can be reprogrammed to remove the rpm limit in 5th. They will run over a hundred then.

All in all,yes I'd buy them again. BTW , best of all,no fooking POS belts!!!!!!! Real drive shafts and uj's.
Title: Re: Yamaha YXZ
Post by: dsrace on July 11, 2018, 09:53:47 AM
well u joints are a huge plus!!    so very little body roll huh well then thats got the rzr 1000 beat. the gearing would need to be done if for myself.  they make a supercharger kit for it also. you are right the axles cv's and diffns are the weak link but like you said thats all an option. well very good review.
Title: Re: Yamaha YXZ
Post by: fabr on July 29, 2018, 12:09:20 AM
My boy just bought another one of these things. That makes 4.  5: 5: :m :m