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Group Gatherings/Special Events / Waynoka Trail/Street Regulations 2018
« Last post by fabr on April 17, 2018, 05:53:16 PM »
It was asked and I misstated the regs. I thought I'd correct that. Here are the regs and rules as of now and since the owner of Dueces Camp is now the head of the Chamber,welllllll, I'd bet it stays that way . 8) 8)
Yup. All over town as well from 8AM-10PM. For $10 a year you can go almost anywhere in town. Highway must be crossed at 90*

Have they approved sand cars to cross the main drag now?
Damn I was hoping ya pull trigger on Jackson pad.

 I'll be good w whoops now, shower and potty now in trailer. 
You guys have no love for the whoopy trail as it is. I doubt I'll have any visitors since adding another 5 blocks to the gate trip will be just unacceptable to you.  :m 
"AP" Member Project Logs / Re: Much needed up grades
« Last post by dsrace on April 17, 2018, 08:35:57 AM »
 ;) ;D rofl
well congradulations. i knew you had been thinking about it but i guess you decided to do it lol  so fabr campground now !
Sounds like a nice set up. Fabr.  I cant what tell my kids get started in life. I'm looking forward to having fun money again.   :m :m:m At least that's what I tell them.  Drowning Drowning Drowning
It comes all too soon.
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