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The Pit Stop / Re: happy birthday fast
« Last post by fabr on January 14, 2018, 11:08:24 AM »
BTW,what were you doing in the dunes by yourself?
The Pit Stop / Re: happy birthday fast
« Last post by fabr on January 14, 2018, 11:06:41 AM »
WOW. I once twisted a pinion off in my dragster. The car never budged off the line. It's amazing how that can happen but it does. Hope you didn't have to wait too long before someone came by. After that I bit the bullet ,bought all Strange stuff and never had another issue. Hope the fix of the car damage wasn't too bad for you.
The Pit Stop / Re: happy birthday fast
« Last post by fastcorvairs on January 14, 2018, 08:49:47 AM »
What were you doing to twist off a 300M axle? Who made them?

setting in a ten foot deep hole.  With the front end on one wall of the hole and the back two on the other wall. No one around to help me out so decided to try and get out myself.   wound it up to 7k and dropped the hammer. Never turned a tire.  After the explosion I got out and thought I had blown my trans.  After we got it out and pulled back to the trailer the axle had come out of the boot and made a mess of the frame rail and water pipes. 

 To say don't know where they came from Faber
Something to talk about / Loeb wins Dakar Stage 4, more trouble for Al-Attiyah
« Last post by FeedBot on January 13, 2018, 07:41:26 PM »
Loeb wins Dakar Stage 4, more trouble for Al-Attiyah


P 20180109 00743 newsTuesday's 205-mile special stage pushed the Dakar Rally racers and their machines to the limit on the route around San Juan de Marcona in Peru.

In the toughest physical day of the rally so far, the leaderboard was shaken with many pre-race favorites coming into difficulty.

Wednesday sees bikes and quads take a separate route from the cars and trucks. After a 155-mile plus special stage, they will meet again in Arequipa.

For full detailed results, click here.


WRC legend Sebastien Loeb (pictured) enjoyed a first stage win of the year after going toe to toe with Stephane Peterhansel and Carlos Sainz for most of the day.

The trio of Team Peugeot Total drivers opened up huge gaps as they managed to avoid any major mishaps â€“ unlike teammate Cyril Despres, who broke a wheel and suffered suspension damage on his 3008DKR Maxi.

After getting back into contention yesterday, disaster struck for Nasser Al-Attiyah who lost more than 30 minutes to the leaders.

Loeb said: "On WRC stages you lose two minutes sometimes; here you can lose 30 or more, so it is very different. We are doing a good job at the moment though."


2017 champion and overnight race leader Sam Sunderland suffered a dramatic exit to the race toward the end of the stage as he was evacuated by helicopter from the route.

Severe back pain which required a hospital visit put an end to the British rider's hopes and enabled Adrien Van Beveren to take a commanding stage win ahead of Xavier de Soultrait and Matthias Walkner.

Walkner, who is now third in the overall standings, said: "I lost a lot of time and had many crashes in the soft dunes. It was really hard and a crazy day."


Sergey Kariakin ended the early Ignacio Casale dominance for the first time this race to beat the Chilean by 43 seconds and claim a first stage win. The Russian still trails Casale by 25 minutes overall.


Eduard Nikolaev strengthened his grip on the race with another impressive drive in the Kamaz Master. He left the rest of the field to fight it out in the desert, finishing 27 minutes before his closest rival Federico Villagra.


Source: Loeb wins Dakar Stage 4, more trouble for Al-Attiyah


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The Pit Stop / Re: So how does Yummi fill his time when he is slow at work?
« Last post by fabr on January 13, 2018, 03:54:57 PM »
Wait,WHAT?!?!?!!!???? there isn't a Santa? WTF,how dare you attempt to tell me such a thing. I WANT my free presents...................

Keep up the effort you PITA citizen. Needle them till they have to respond with real answers.
The Pit Stop / Re: So how does Yummi fill his time when he is slow at work?
« Last post by Yummi on January 13, 2018, 01:27:33 PM »
Good luck convincing all those that don't realize it.

It is like trying to tell adults who BELIEVE in Santa Claus, there is no fxxking Santa Claus.    :m
The Pit Stop / Re: So how does Yummi fill his time when he is slow at work?
« Last post by Yummi on January 13, 2018, 01:09:40 PM »
Just a quick update.   Lets just  say i am starting to make some noise? The local mayor, etc are starting to discredit me in the media, etc - must be getting close to the truth? 

Almost fun...  From our 260 site:

* * * *

Busy week. Two presentations by Mr. Chambless.  Working on a "jargon translator."   My take away?  They are willing to say whatever it takes to gain support.  Mr. Chambless indicated the prep school is now K-12, because everybody wants to send a kindergartner to "prep school." 

As an example, Mr. Chambless uses the phrase "Private bond placement" a lot.  A quick thought on “Private Capital” or "Private Bond Placement."  The issue is not the “placement.”  The issue is the guarantor.  All bonds are “placed privately” via underwriters, syndicates, etc.   The issue to zero in on is who is the guarantor?  I.e. – who is on the hook?  Not just first debtor, but second and third?  These guys are great with semantics.  Me, not so much.  ;)

It was great to see the Roundup give some voice to the dissent.  A good review of <a href=";utm_source=email&amp;utm_campaign=user-share">the Chamber Lunch was reported. </a>

A snip from the Roundup

Subsequent to that article, KMOG has been in contact with us.  Currently, it appears we are "conjecture."  KMOG is requesting we wait for "facts."  Their station, their rules.  They have requested additional information via email.  Here is a snip. 

So, that got me to thinking. This is a really long read.  Time to circle back and list all the potential issues in one place. Here is our  email to KMOG, and a quick reference / recap of where we are at:

* * * *   


There are a couple of elements that are not quite right. All of this you can find on our site, but I warn you, it is a long read.  So, I will give you some highlights.   All with appropriate reference / foot notes.  I encourage people to read it all, and make their own decision.  I would encourage the same for you. 

The full thread is here:

The plan is 600 elite prep hockey students and new rec center at no cost to the town. 

CCP is owned by Lee Polozaja, various dealings including the defunct ammo plant.  Formed in July 2017.

Varxity was crowd funded in 2014, has no assets I can find and no history of actually being more than a concept.  They also have no current legal standing in Arizona that I can find.  The sole employee is a school principal in Edmonton.

After the deal was announced, CCP invoiced the city for work from June 21st to Sept 21st.  Neat trick for a company that was not in business until July.  I have requested email support of that invoice, to date none has been received.  Also requested response from CFO of town, to date none.

CCP has repeatedly indicated a 10 month process with Gilbert?  Gilbert is unaware of that as is AZ Ice

This deal, as most, revolves around financing.  So, it is important to have a basic understanding of a revenue bond.  That is a bond guaranteed via future revenue of a district.  Think Pine Strawberry water and their recent $8m.  Cool, straight up bond.  A general obligation bond requires a vote.  A revenue bond does not.  There is a hi-bred that requires no town vote.  Only approval by the council like a revenue bond.  CCP is on record as saying no vote. 

A Combination Bond is a municipal bond with the coupon and principal guaranteed both by the general revenue of the municipality issuing the bond and by the revenue of the project the bond finances. If the revenue from the project is less than expected and is not enough to make payments, the municipality will make them instead. This appears to be a “General Bond” work around.  There is no apparent requirement for a General Election vote for issuance of a “Revenue Bond” with a backstop of general revenue. 

The verbiage has transformed in the process, today's Roundup calls it a “Revenue Bond.”

In a nut shell, the contract ignores the Town’s procurement policy.  There is nothing that allows a $250k contract on a “tri party” basis.  There are lots of other issues with it.  Like what?  Dubious jurisdiction, significant concessions to Varxity on a no bid basis to include a concessionaire agreement, etc.

Pay close attention to Exhibit “E” to see what the Town gave up

In a word – NO.  Not at the level they discuss.  There are various “Elite Prep Hockey Schools” in Canada.  Most are under 100 students, 35 to 50k in tuition.  None, not a one I can find, at 600 students.  Most have a ten year ramp up to the 80 student level.  That is important because it changes the stated revenue of $30m to $3.5m  (600 *50k vs 80*35k)

The closest like scale project I can find, excluding pool, was $27m C.  That works out to $21.5m US, pool, etc., we are looking at $30m.

Currently in foreclosure, not escrow.  Does not preclude deal with Varxity, but cannot find any document that shows that.

I currently have three open requests to the town for documents, and one open email.  I don’t suspect they will be forthcoming.  I may be surprised.  But yes, I am a pain.  Sometimes it is just best to ignore that pain?

All of this can be found on the site, the whole thread is a long read, well documented, etc.  No sign in is required.  All out in the open.   After you read it all, you decide if there is more to this? As with anybody, draw your own conclusions. 

Thank you, 

* * * * 

We will periodically update the list?  Avoid the long read, just get to the highlights? 

Thanks for reading.

"AP" Toy Showcase / Re: Maybe I had a little to much?
« Last post by fabr on January 13, 2018, 01:04:33 PM »
That was 3+ years ago but it IS still some funny stuff!!!!!!!!
Something to talk about / I'm Heading To Mexico On A Quest For Redemption
« Last post by FeedBot on January 13, 2018, 01:00:31 PM »
I'm Heading To Mexico On A Quest For Redemption

Five months ago, my friends and I got worked over in Baja something fierce. Our car crashed and crushed our dreams as it collapsed onto the dust 45 miles into a 500 mile race. This week, we’re back with a vengeance.


Source: I'm Heading To Mexico On A Quest For Redemption


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"AP" Toy Showcase / Re: Maybe I had a little to much?
« Last post by Sandberg on January 13, 2018, 09:35:13 AM »
Almost spilled my coffee when I read that and saw the pics. That must have been a ride from hell for someone who doesn't love this kind of stuff. It must have been a blast for you though.
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