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Sainz holds lead, Peterhansel crashes in penultimate Dakar stage


sainz fridayThe competitors have finally reached Cordoba, the home of rally in Argentina and final destination for the 2018 Dakar Rally.

Stage 13 was the last major opportunity for riders and drivers to attack and go for glory in a bid to make a late move in the overall standings.

Saturday is time to celebrate. A brutal 40th edition of the Dakar Rally comes to a close in Cordoba. Competitors have one final 120km (75-mile) special stage to conquer though before party time.

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There were mixed fortunes for Nasser Al-Attiyah and Stephane Peterhansel as they tried to close the gap to leader Carlos Sainz.

Toyota driver Al-Attiyah raced to a second consecutive stage win but 13-time champion Peterhansel crashed early in the stage, damaging the Peugeot 3008DKR Maxi and seeing his hopes all but fade away.

“I think it’s finished now," Peterhansel said. "For sure, we will try to secure second place, so we controlled the gap with Nasser today. We drove a good stage. It was beautiful in the small canyons. The tracks were a little bit like WRC, but they were really clean and really nice to drive on. We never know if I’ll finish second. I’m crossing my fingers for me but also for Carlos – we never know what can happen… that’s motorsport."

Sainz finished 19 minutes back from Al-Attiyah and has just one more day to protect his comfortable lead.


Toby Price was the first rider to start Stage 13, and the first rider to finish Stage 13. The Australian led almost throughout the 424km (263-mile) special for his second victory in three days to consolidate his third position overall.

Leader Matthias Walkner knew he had it all to lose so was in safety-first mode as he bids for a first ever Dakar victory, finishing fourth behind Kevin Benavides and teammate Antoine Meo.

Walkner, who has a 22-minute overall lead, said: "I didn't want to do anything crazy as it was a really long day with the guys behind pushing like crazy. It can still all change really quickly and there is still one day to go."


Ignacio Casale continues to cruise to a second Dakar title, finishing third on the stage to extend his overall lead to more than 90 minutes.

Argentine Jeremias Gonzalez Ferioli came in first in front of his home crowd with Nelson Augusto Sanabria Galeano in second.


Eduard Nikolaev led Federico Villagra by just a single second going into Stage 13. Villagra attacked from the off but the Argentine suffered a mechanical at the 79km (49-mile) point and despite battling on for as long as he could, had to abandon the rally, leaving the Russian in total control.


Source: Sainz holds lead, Peterhansel crashes in penultimate Dakar stage


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We will join in any day that ends with day!  rofl

Now, what shall we eat????????????
big Daves always down to eat.  rofl rofl rofl Thursday sounds good
We're good for whatever/whenever. Just need to know.
well then this will be the trip to change that fabr  ;D not only did i post it to decide but i asked my wife to keep your wife informed via text or calls!!  ;) ;D ;D i think thurs will work as everyone should be there and carl and yvette should be drunk or calmed down after the high jumping testing  rofl rofl 

how does 7pm on thurs for a group dinnner work out for everyone's stomach's??????
ok soooooo........does everyone want to eat together thrusday evening? and who all is going to make this trip? at this point anyway lol        fabr is yourself and mrs fabr going to come over for this?
IF somebody will let us know when to be there,of course we will.  We've always planned to join in and ,of course, bring a dish or desert item but somehow no one ever knows when or  what is going on.Just a ball park time range would be nice.Sort of like going for rides.SOMEONE/anyone could be nice enough to let us know. No need to wait for me,just let me know you guys are heading out,I can find you.I mean,there are cell phones ;) ;)..............I've finally given up on being included in meals or rides unless I/we just get lucky.. I guess that's the price I pay for having to camp @ Dueces. :nw
We all need to make a point of exchange phone number  just to help keep the group rides going and for safety / break downs.
Something to talk about / Here's Why Drivers Love And Hate Racing The King Of The Hammers
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Here's Why Drivers Love And Hate Racing The King Of The Hammers

The 2018 King Of The Hammers went down in February, on the rocks and open lake beds of Johnson Valley. It could just as easily be Mars, though. And you get a great perspective of what a rock-crawling desert race is like from these drone shots.


Source: Here's Why Drivers Love And Hate Racing The King Of The Hammers


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We are in!!
And if i  was to make it right after took Yvette off the huckfest lip it be best ice cream ever ever  LMAO
Motor and Drivetrain / Re: Well,Fook Me
« Last post by big dave on March 19, 2018, 02:11:22 PM »
it would be nice if all the info was in one place. one post. but to me, it looks like every thing starts at 9:00am  Saturday drivers meeting . other then the jump/huck off contest. and its on Sunday a 9:00am. I don't see a meeting location???
Motor and Drivetrain / Re: Well,Fook Me
« Last post by dsrace on March 19, 2018, 11:33:29 AM »
and wheres sandracer1 and his crew for the utv race rofl just kidding.... LMAO
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