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For Sale
« on: May 10, 2016, 04:18:23 PM »
OK here it is, The Mother Ship AKA Blimpy is for sale. First seventeen thousand takes it as is, or eleven K after I swap the axles,springs,spring hangers and tires and wheels out with the new Mother Ship II, and I'll be keeping the good armored awning off the Mother Ship I and putting the non armored awning on to it from the new Mother Ship II. Also will be keeping the electric over hydraulic brakes.  This is a 1993 Week end Worrier that I totally rebuilt and upgraded in 2006. Believe me I can not replace all of them parts with the price that I am saving you. I had some major damage on the trailer shortly after buying it and was faced with the option to rebuild it or scrap it.  I elected to completely refurbish it. The trailer was completely tore down, stripped of all the siding, all new wood was added to the areas we found that had water damage.  It was completely covered with 7/16 water proof OSB plywood including the roof and all new updated fiberglass siding.  I had the roof completed last so as it would lay over the side walls thus greatly improving the chances of keeping any water from gaining entry down the side walls.  This trailer has given us the best of times for several years now.  The Reason it is nick named Blimpy is the people that put the new fiberglass siding on it never got the glue right and when it sets in the sun for any time it will get puffy.  But when it is cool out the skin will shrink and be smooth. This is strictly a Cosmetic problem.  The inside of the trailer is clean and always dry.  Sleeps four adults or two adults and four kids on the couch's in the living area. 

42 feet in length with 18000 LB Fith Airborne RV hitch
triple 7200 LB Dexter axles or 6000 lb after the swap
eight lug aluminum 120 psi G rated tires and wheels, or eight lug steel E rated 80 psi after swap
Dexter easy flex spring hangers before swap or just regular hangers after
electric over hydraulic brakes or regular electric after the swap 
20 feet 3 inch's to the first cabinet
with 82 inch's between the wheel well's
91.5 inch rear door opening that is 87.5 high
17 over head cabinets
21 foot awning one year old
two  swivle  rocker chairs
two fold down couch's with tables that store under them
Day Night pull down blinds
full size shower
queen bed in front bed room
outdoor shower
6.5 Owen generator with remote start in kitchen 900 hours
50 amp wiring service
two new six volt batterys  with invert'er charger
17 gal generator fuel tank
45 gallon buggy fuel tank with pump and filter
150 gal fresh water
50 gal gray
50 gal black
both tanks set up with remote dump handles
two 13.5 airconditioners one in living and one in the front bed room
one 15.5 airconditioner in the kitchen
one motor per front landing gear so each gear is interdependent of the other
two thirty gallon propane tanks
four burner stove in the kitchen with full oven propane and micro
large two door two way refrigerator and freezer 120 or propane   
15 gal hot water tank
LED lighting in about 80% of the trailer
slid out table in the front lower storage compartment. 
The frame on this trailer has been up graded with the addition of a 2x6 inch box steel beam welded the full length under the stock 6 inch c beam on both sides. 
fully loaded with my HRT car food clothing 75 gal's of fresh water 18500 pounds.
trailer pulls at 75 mph or better straight and true.   
Two 6 volt batt's

First picture is why i had to refurbish the trailer after a blow out.

Long possess of stripping the old siding and locating all the water leaks.

More leaks.

Even more water leaks found when we got in to it.

Now the possess of putting the new OSB and new siding on.

As you can see I had them lay the top last so it all fit over the walls to seal better.

All new siding installed.

More new siding.

New wheels, tires and axles.

So for all new siding I needed new graphics to go on.  This was the vinyl guys rendition of what it should look like.

And this is the way it ended up when done.

So that's the way it should have stayed but, It didn't. After only about a week or two is when it started to go doe boy on me.

So at this point I was all over them like stink on poo.  To no avail they had already gone tit's up bankrupt. 

I can't find where I can save this post so I'll drop this here and edit it later with all the interior pictures.
Big thank you to Lance for helping me learn to drop pictures into a post. Thanks Lance

 Mother Ship I

Kitchen area

More kitchen area

Bed room with my riding buddy when the wife can't make it  rofl

Bath and shower

Living area when ready to bring car into trailer.  Lots of room to camp when on the road.

Some of the damage from the siding buckling. 

fifth Airborne air ride hitch.

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Re: For Sale
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WOW Nicely done.