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Group Gatherings/Special Events / Re: Paddle Tires
« Last post by Generalg on May 18, 2023, 06:21:23 AM »
Glad that I mentioned K42  and they were able to get them to you, can't beat delivery to your door!  It's not about what parts or material items we have, it's ALWAYS about the people and helping everyone out.  kick

Now you'll need some front 12.50x17Sand Master fronts to match.....
If you decide to get some fronts sometime lmk as I would like to get some new ones also, maybe order 4 together for combined shipping.
Motor and Drivetrain / Re: I want it i need it.....its time
« Last post by dsrace on May 17, 2023, 09:29:39 PM »
So I dropped the flywheel off today for a light surfacing job and a new ring gear. Looked like the clutch may have spun a bit when the trans locked up climbing that dune.

Didn't realize how much sand was packing up under the pbs shifter/ center console.

Decided the simplest way to install the new trans was to cut the entire rear end off and start over. There was just no saving it the way I had hoped plus this significantly reduces the amount of grinding !

BTW, Morris seems like a stand up guy and stands behind his shit when the shit hits the fan if it's his fault. Not many do that.
I'm no where near his level but the 427 SB2.2 that is almost ready to go(soon as Jesel gets off their ass and build my Rocker arms) will top 40K in parts.   Let that sink in for a minute. No labor ,just parts. For a NA engine.HP never was cheap and never will be. Ya,I could have built an LS cheaper but not by much with the same quality of parts.
I stopped running low ,low 7 second 1/4 mile dragster because it was just getting too expensive to go any faster. Big dummy I was. It would have been many times less expensive to have just bought a new dragster and went ape shit crazy with nitro. Nothing cheap about this sport. I just priced a new set of 35.5-17 STU Sand Master paddles . $1250 each and approx another $800 shipping. $3300+ for 2 damn tires!!!!!!!  IF you can find them.   So,ya,3500ish seems to be the new number. :m

I have been watching Steve Morris engines on ScrewTube, been learning some good info.. He just broke down what it cost just to put his engines power to the pavement... Holly $$ Not a cheap hobby to go fast. And have lots of spare parts lol!

I split the discussion of paddle tires off into its' own topic. Trying to sort of keep this on topic.
Group Gatherings/Special Events / Re: Paddle Tires
« Last post by fabr on May 17, 2023, 07:19:07 PM »
I split the paddle discussion off from the fall trip topic. I also got a pretty good deal on the STU 36-17 Sand Blasters from K42 Rental in Wichita . $1103 each and $111 shipping AND the guy is going to drop them off to be for free.He goes to Grand Lake in Oklahoma pretty often and offered to drop them off . Hell YA!!!  Saves me about a 5 hour round trip to go get them. Bargain!!   They were very good to deal with all around. Thanks Grant for the heads up.I owe you one.
The video room / Re: Glamis Christmas 2022 / New Years 2023
« Last post by fabr on May 16, 2023, 05:52:35 PM »
Been to StA a few times and Glamis once . I like G and Jerry and Dan keep trying to get me back out there. We stayed in Yuma with Don/Jerry/ Glenn/ Dan etc and drove to the dunes. Not bad but a bit of a hassle. About a 30 minute drive. Didn't want to pull into Cali with my over length combo so I borrowed a small trailer from Don .

I like StA,sort of like LS. Short hop of a few minutes and no loading/unloading. Pure convenience. 24 hour drive for me to either. Like others here another StA trip is coming. I tend to like StA better. The short winter days sort of suck at Glamis also.
Ahhhh,decisions,decisions.   I have to drive about 4 blocks on pavement every trip to the gate plus driving through Cowboy where most of the group stays. Probably the equivalent of 7 city blocks every time I go through the gate. My 33"Blasters have a lot of wear on the top half of the.back side of the paddles from the asphalt.  I don't know what difference the SB33" #2 paddle and the SB36" #2 paddle have.   

Grant , my only complaint I have with the SB33's is when running along at something over 40ish mph is when cutting a pretty sharp turn the ass end tends to really want to come around. I'm thinking the SM 35.5 might solve that from what you have said about them.  What's your opinion? 
The video room / Re: Glamis Christmas 2022 / New Years 2023
« Last post by dsrace on May 16, 2023, 02:07:35 PM »
great video

jerry knows his rail very well and can drive it for sure. 

generalg, have you been to st a dunes with jerry or with another group?

I have only been to St. Anthony's in 2020 with the regular group I dune with.  It was just out of my reach financially all those years Jerry and Glenn went. I will be heading back end of June/July 2023!  To me St. Anthony's tops Glamis....   

it is an expensive trip for myself as well. i have been twice and have not been back in the last 5 years.    i have never been to glamis and cannot compare but....100% agree on st a dunes being one of the best!!

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