Author Topic: If This wasn't true...............  (Read 914 times)

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If This wasn't true...............
« on: September 07, 2011, 05:28:22 PM »
it would be funny.

"The budget should be balanced.
The treasury should be refilled.
Public debt should be reduced.
The arrogance of officialdom should be controlled.
assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed
lest (we) become bankrupt...."

Cicero,Rome,55 B.C.

"There can be no divided allegiance here.  Any man who says he is an American,
but something else also, isn't an American at all.  We have room for but one
flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is
the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a
loyalty to the American people."
Theodore Roosevelt 1907

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots" Albert Einstein  (IT'S OFFICIAL THAT DAY IS HERE NOW!)

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Re: If This wasn't true...............
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2011, 06:36:29 PM »
I got an email once that told that when the number of  people that expect to be taken care  of out number the people that work for a living, the republic will fail. It kind of sounds like now. It was written by some one from the Roman Empire.
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Re: If This wasn't true...............
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2011, 06:39:16 PM »
It simply AMAZES me how many are totally BLIND to what history has taught us (especially the ones playing the "officialdom" role....what a bunch of friggin morons..). Unfortunately, I believe that the "History in the Making" we have going on right now on a global scale will never be forgotten by anyone...

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