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"AP" General Discusion / Re: "Road Rail" Design (UK)
« Last post by wightsparks on Today at 03:52:26 PM »
Thanks.  I had assumed I would be lifting it for clearance - but possibly not that much!
It is to scale, those are 31"/780mm wheels on it same as the rears on my 'rail.

"AP" General Discusion / Re: "Road Rail" Design (UK)
« Last post by Baloo on Today at 12:49:31 PM »
Using the Sidekick chassis this is where I am leaning at the moment. Hood would be inside the towers, not sure how low I can get the engine. Lower enclosed upper frame open

looks good, chassis looks a little high if that is to scale, think the  bottom of the chassis in the middle section is level with the bottom of the rear axle casing , that would bring the front suspension towers down quite a bit, possible below the bonnet line, I have a rolling chassis out side some where will get some pics of how it sits

orange line wants to move down to where the yellow line  is more or less

UTV Member Project Logs / Re: AR-51 build
« Last post by fabr on Today at 12:24:08 PM »
As a side note,I have snagged the same tree in the trails twice now,at probably 30 mph . Both times it instantly stopped me ,slamming myself and my passenger into the belts rather abruptly  ;) . First time I bent the mid board hub carrier and I had 4 heim attachment. Second time nothing bent  but the bolts that attach the mid board hub to the carrier pulled about 1/2 of the threads out of the hub and that was with the 3 heim arrangement as I described above. Neither time did the a arms bend or tweak the frame attechment points. IMO,no need for a radius rod unless the frame attachment points are too close together.
UTV Member Project Logs / Re: AR-51 build
« Last post by fabr on Today at 12:18:33 PM »
If you use a 3 point attachment to the hub carrier,one top and 2 bottom ,you can still run bushings inboard top and bottom and still have toe and camber adjustment. Lots of ways to do it. Pick your poison.

I guess I hadn't paid enough attention to enemy's a arms. I wasn't aware of his having a radius rod . Honestly,I'd widen the inner pivot points and ditch the radius rod. I have had zero issues with that. Plenty strong.
UTV Member Project Logs / Re: AR-51 build
« Last post by dsrace on Today at 11:16:21 AM »
username enemy has an a arm rear end with tie rod. he has a turbo busa with jeffco rev unit in it as well.

delrin is a very good choice and still doable on the bottom for sure. if you used heims on the upper ( frame side) then you could still make a very minor adjustment. so why not use a 2" longer axle with 35* down angle?? i ran 28" axle on my turbo busa. enemy does too and carlriddle as well.
Everything Fabrication / Re: ABS Vacumn Forming
« Last post by big dave on Today at 10:43:23 AM »
Looks Dam good for the First Go at It. It only gets better Now.
UTV Member Project Logs / Re: AR-51 build
« Last post by fabr on Today at 08:39:04 AM »
Delrin inner pivots and heims on outer as you describe is a good way to go IF you are inclined to actually do the adjustments to get the best handling. In the sand it will make little to no difference in how it is aligned in the rear but for dirt or hard pack it certainly will. If it ever hits pavement it will definitely be a bonus.
Meet and Greet / Re: Welcome to our newest member sigomma
« Last post by fabr on Today at 07:59:31 AM »
UTV Member Project Logs / Re: AR-51 build
« Last post by deranged on Today at 07:13:10 AM »
All valid points.
Iv'e had good luck with delrin on the inner pivots.  I didn't know if having heim joints and a little means of adjustment for toe and camber would possibly mess up the plunge.  My OCD in making things complicated is to incorporate a tie rod for toe and using uniballs on the outer pivots.  Almost like a front upright? 

I will re calculate to 35* and re check my math too.  I've got to account for the 70 tooth pizza pan sprocket too.  That should be appx. 14" in diameter.  My 60 tooth is around 12-ish.
Everything Fabrication / Re: ABS Vacumn Forming
« Last post by budlight69 on Today at 06:19:19 AM »
Cool stuff fabr, keep posting updates and final product. 
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