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The Pit Stop / Re: Death in the Dunes
« Last post by fabr on Today at 05:25:00 PM »
Well,at Syracuse,they tell people to look out for the well heads at least.
Product Reviews / Re: I got Snuggy'ed again
« Last post by Punkur67 on Today at 02:01:58 PM »
Bought this rack snuggy on an auction couple yrs back. Hadn't even finished car but knew I wanted it!  Fastcorvair donated it for a fundraiser on and I wasn't gonna be outbid. Finally got her installed. Only takes 5 min!  Don't know what took so long.  But anyone buying the cheaper $100-$200 racks yiu will need this as they will wear the alum down quick.  ;D ;D

I upgraded from a regular saco rack to a magnum and it already has slop. Any chance you have made a snuggy for saco magnums yet?
The Pit Stop / Re: Death in the Dunes
« Last post by dsrace on Today at 12:16:23 PM »
sad to say the least! i have seen t posts and fences unearth and disappear at ls. in fact right out the gate in the belly where we sit and wait for the group i have seen t posts appear and disappear. the dunes at st a ( i was told) are as tall as they are due to lava rock under them. that one spooked me a bit as a giant gaping hold can appear there too. i found 3 well heads in the trails at syracuse dunes and they were painted black. now one would think someone would paint them fluorescent something to help spot them but nope they were black. these are dangers for sure. i grew up in the sand hills and there have been deaths from digging holes and people getting buried and were not talking about deep holes a body would even fit in.
At least 1/2 of the trails are much narrower due to mostly sxs usage in just the last year.  It seems like the dunes hardly ever smooth out since the sxs's have taken over and most cut ruts in the sand instead of staying on top. I haven't seen much smooth sand all summer.
The Pit Stop / Death in the Dunes
« Last post by fabr on Today at 10:13:16 AM »
We all pretty much take for granted the danger in duning. I had never before heard of this way though to die. Seeing how LS is changing so swiftly and I have seen things this last trip I have never seen before my level of caution is just a little higher now after reading this story especially considering how many trees are being engulfed in LS dunes.We probably have nothing to worry about @ LS but it is something to be aware of. Last week I came across an old well head sticking about 4 feet out of the sand where there had never before ,at least not in the last 20 years,been any sign of anything. I'm guessing about 12" diameter casing rusted all to hell with rusted into a pile chains and stuff and sooner or later it will be gone with only a hole left possibly. I looked down into the casing and I couldn't tell how far down it went but it went a long way. We also need to be extremely careful when anywhere near the dune boundary at LS since there may be disappearing steel t posts that reappear at times well within the boundary areas since LS dunes are constantly shifting.Many tires and even riders have been injured on the posts. Anyhow,please be careful of the hidden dangers at all dunes.  Here is an article that sent shivers thru me.
well thats not that trip or rev handstand. just myself passing fast lol but ya that was a scary little mishap he had for sure. i had just backed off because of that lip and fast blew by.
I wish enemy and I were just a little closer to the yellow car of fasts when he did the hand stand with it. He was very,very lucky that day. Other than the effed up chassis it got him.
The Pit Stop / Re: Solitude
« Last post by fabr on Today at 09:08:06 AM »
There's a place in Bartlesville ,Oklahoma that does pretty damn good work,been in business for a very long time(probably 35 years) that has always pushed my stuff out the door in only a day if I slip the guy a c note and they have the powder you want in stock to do so.It takes about a week if they need to get the powder you want.

 1701SW 5TH
Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74003
(918) 337-0651

If you should decide to try them,don't be fooled by the building condition,they do some very good work and they don't skimp on the thickness of the coat.
The Pit Stop / Re: Solitude
« Last post by budlight69 on Today at 08:52:11 AM »
Always cool to have new folks showing up.
I got my wing trunk fabbed, just need some powder coat.
I have been out in LS many times alone, I just kept worrying about breaking down.  I brought my phone wit me, not sure who the hell I would call  Drowning

Well if your going to take it to Lorac for PC your better hurry it up. Thay have had my trailing arms,shock springs and front suspension for a month and still not done.

I was waiting for new Dzus buttons which come in Monday.  Did they quote you a time frame?  Maybe I'll wait till I get home to get it PC'd
forgot to post this one........don't know what youtube did to the video but poor quality. doesn't matter as i have waited a long time to do this on the south side after a certain someone ( he knows who  ;D ;D)  has done it to me repeatedly for several years now. highlight of the spring trip  LMAO LMAO rofl rofl

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