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Pressure vs Coolant Boiling Points
« on: July 20, 2018, 07:03:36 PM »
There is a direct correlation to coolant or water boiling point based on how much pressure it is under. Whenever the subject of boiling over or "overheating "comes up it usually concerns peoples concern that 210 /220/230 or even more is overheating.Most people believe that due to distilled water boiling at 212* at sea level that it is bad to run their engines at 210. That is not the case. Here are a couple charts that show that with a coolant system capable of holding pressure and a cap of high enough PSI water/coolant boils at much higher temps and therefore should remove concerns of an engine running at 210 or even more without harm or consern of boil over. Some race teams even pre-pressurize their cooling systems so they can run their engines at temps nearing 250* . They have their reasons.

 There are literally hundreds of charts to be found verifying this relationship between pressure and boiling point. On the other side of the coin,vacumn lowers the boiling point dramatically. Ever seen water boil at room temperature?
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